What are the top, entry-level remote jobs?

What are the top, entry-level remote jobs? was originally published on College Recruiter.

Even before Covid, a lot of job seekers wanted to work from home in jobs that we’ve come to call remote or virtual. During Covid, a huge number of jobs became remote, whether the employer wanted it, the employee wanted it, neither, or both. Now, as Covid seems to be receding, it is apparent that some employers and employees have embraced fully remote work, others are looking for fully in-person again, and others prefer a more hybrid approach such as three days remote and two in-person per week.

Job seekers often question which part-time, seasonal, internship, apprenticeship, and other entry-level jobs are the most likely to be available to those who want to work remotely. According to a recent study by our friends at FlexJobs, the ten jobs for which employers are most likely to hire entry-level candidates for remote work are:

  1. Customer service representative
  2. Staff accountant
  3. Administrative assistant
  4. Recruiting coordinator
  5. Account executive (sales representative)
  6. Call center representative
  7. Billing specialist
  8. Executive assistant
  9. Accounts payable specialist
  10. Marketing coordinator
By Steven Rothberg - College Recruiter
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