How To Find an Entry Level Job After Graduation

With graduation coming up, finding a full-time job is at the top of mind for most 2024 graduates. During this session, students will hear from college graduates who are past and current employees from Tik Tok, New York Times, Microsoft, and more about how they were able to find a full-time, entry level role after graduation and the steps they took along the way.

The event will cover a variety of topics such as:

→ Where and how to find entry level job openings, no matter your major
→ How to stand out during the application process (resume writing, interview prep)
→ How to decide between multiple offers
→ Dealing with rejection and imposter syndrome during the job hunt
→ Best practices during your full-time job including but not limited to: professionalism, effective communication, documenting your wins, how to work with your manager and peers
→ Networking as a college student and new grad
→ How to maintain work/life balance

Connect with WayUp, a job board aimed at helping students and recent grads get hired:

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