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Architecture & Construction

This Career Cluster® is focused on careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment.


Below are the Architecture & Construction career cluster pathways. Within each pathway, are various occupations that share common skills, knowledge, and interests. Discover possible occupations by selecting a pathway below:




Drafting and Design Technology

In this program, students learn the board and computer drafting skills needed for structural, architectural, civil/surveying, electrical, machine/manufacturing, piping, and…

Electrical Construction

The General Apprenticeship with a concentration in Electrical Construction is a 50 credit hour program for apprentices of the International…

Industrial Electrical Technology

The Industrial Electrical program prepares individuals to install, troubleshoot, and repair wiring, electrical equipment, and other electrical devices used in…

Plumbing Construction

The General Apprenticeship with a concentration in Plumbing Construction is a 50 credit hour program for plumbers and steamfitters apprentices…


Construction trends, tips, and news.

Independently operated, Mechanical Hub will highlight the latest industry news, full-length, originally-written features, videos, new products and tools, weekly guest …

The AutoCAD Blog is all about helping you get the most out of AutoCAD. It’s also the best way for …

Construction Business Owner (CBO) is the leading business magazine for contractors and is designed to help owners of construction firms …

The Jobsite an incredible pick to learn about everything from top large construction projects to watch, to which construction skills …

Open P-TECH: Free Online Skill Building

Interested in learning more about what it takes to work in a cutting-edge technology career? Begin your learning journey today …

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