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Literacy Council of SWLA

The Literacy Council of SWLA, Inc. is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to literacy and lifelong learning. The purpose is to improve educational skills in Southwest Louisiana and raise awareness about the impact on individuals and the community.

​They provide …

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Sign-up & Receive Personalized Career Support

How to Sign-up and receive personal career support from Career Waves 5!

Select “Sign-up” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Choose the most fitting role type from the Select your role drop-down list. Next, enter the email Press …

By Sarah Seavey
Sarah Seavey
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Hunger-Free Campus Designations Expand Across Louisiana

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Members of the Board of Regents approved hunger-free campus designations for 31 public and 4 private Louisiana higher education institutions across the state.

Act 719 established criteria for Louisiana higher education institutions to earn a …

By Sarah Seavey
Sarah Seavey
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Find Career Data with Job Market Insights
- Salary Data
- Emplpoyment trends
- Top Employers
- Skills & competencies
1. search keywords- search using keywords such as skills or job title
2. filter- filter by industry and occupation

Make informed career decisions with live employment data.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

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