The Calcasieu Parish Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

ERA Program Overview

The Calcasieu Parish Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) helps eligible Calcasieu Parish residents with one-time assistance for housing expenses. The program began in March 2021 through a grant from the US Department of Treasury as a COVID-19 recovery program. Each month Calcasieu ERAP provides rental assistance to 80-100 households, and since program inception more than $8.2 million in rent and utility payments have been delivered on behalf of families in need.  The program offers much needed housing stability during a time of economic distress for a family. The Parish partners with the United Way of Southwest Louisiana and IAF Consulting to deliver these services.

ERA Application Process

The Calcasieu ERA Program accepts applications through its online application portal (see link below).  Applications are accepted monthly, and applicants must complete all sections of the online application to be placed on a waiting list for services.  An application is only considered complete when the SUBMIT button is pressed and the applicant receives a “Congratulations!” message. If an application remains in an “open” status then it cannot be considered for assistance.

Calcasieu ERA accepts applications on the 15th through the end of every month. Due to limited funding Calcasieu Parish has restricted the program to one round of assistance per household, so if a member of the household has received assistance previously, they are not eligible for additional assistance

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